Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Language Comblex!

I know that beoble in Syria have a little of English education in combarison to neighpouring countries! But, if we are not good at a language, why do we tend to use it as a luxury? When will we learn to pe broud of our language, and only use other languages for brofessional and educational burboses!? It's a common broblem.
For example, They keeb proadcasting English commercials on Syrian Radio stations! Well, if the audience is Syrian, why do we bromote, for instance, to a pupple gum in English? Are they targeting English sbeaking audience? They won't pe listening to an Arabic radio station anyway, will they?

Good knowledge of other languages is an essential asset nowadays! But only a brober knowledge, where we broberly sbeak , bronounce and write, is counted! Moreover, it should pe used only when needed not as a tool of "showing-off"!
For those who like to show-off with their language apilities! Blease use a sbell checker, otherwise, you will end ub looking like this guy who sbelled "Torbo" instead of "Turbo" on the window of his car!!!!

God pless you all ;)


no one said...

bein ...muy bein

n7nna sha3b msa2f


may allah bless u and souria

Stellar said...

I think it's part of globalization everybody wants to be as cool as the west, I guess.

The Arabic language is so rich and I seriously find it very romantic a lot more than English. It's just sad, that people are being brainwashed by shallow art and forgot how beautifully expressive Arabic is.

So what happens they go after what's out there and that's English mostly. It's cool, it's fashion sorta thing. The annoying this is some Arabs don't even put the effort to even learn it properly. It's just their nature of not working as hard as they should, I think that also is part of social conditioning, unfortunatly.

yaman said...

I think its because anybody that has any hope of establishing a successful international business needs to learn either English or French.

The only way around this is to start having Arabic corporations... but oh wait, the governments won't allow that.

Oz said...

Lol, great photo,
French is not as useful as u think. And learning english might elevates you upper than the others (if they don't speak it already) But you have an advantage, which is that you begin to learn english very early.

Sharks said...

Did u notice the -Arpm* guessing he meant rpm(round per minute)! :D...but who knows what was he thinking?!...n' i don't think there's anything wrong with using a spell checker...i use it myself...n' my favorite MSword shortcut is "Shift+F7"...

Wanna hear a funny story?!...i like it when i go to some job(gob) interview...n' the person who's making the interview give me a very intimidating look n' say in confident..."Am goanna ask u few questions in English"...what i would do then is simply put(but) a big smile on my face...n' start talking...n' DAM i can talk fast...but seeing the intimidating look turns into's really something else...some times i leave realizing that he didn't understand 50% of what i was saying...but he kept nodding anyway!...

Ihsan said...

Yeah tell me about intimidation!

My x-boss, Sharon, had this effect on me, I could hardly finish a sentence! I used to forget everything that has anything to do with English when I'm talking to, she's gone, and I've had my language back!

In case you are wondering how my language is with my new boss. Well, I'm not talking to her at all, avoiding seeing her face to face and it's working really good! ;)

Sharks said...

U got me wrong this time Ihsan!...i meant exactly the opposite...they think that am supposed to be intimidated...cuz they give u the impression that they r something else...n' most of the times they underestimate others...but when i start talking with's a pleasure to see the confusion on their face...the secret is to look n' sound's ok to make mistakes...i always do:\...But never ever underestimate urself!...

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