Saturday, July 16, 2005

Almighty vs. Almighty = life / human vs. human = ?

Water & fire, the earth’s two almightiest contradictive entities! Merge together everyday, one goes inside the other, one hides the other, one swallows the other, and one lightens the other giving it colors. One can evaporate the other, but it simply does not. One can put the other off, but, again, it does not! They co-exist in complete harmony.

Why don’t we learn the lesson of co-existence despite our differences from these two entities? We have no major differences, we are all humans, and we are all made of flesh! So why can't we?

Those two entities have existed for millions of years, just because they are not meant to terminate each other.... and neither we are! When will we, the humans, learn the lesson and ensure that none of us erase the other, none of us hides the other and all of us understand the mere fact that we all have the same rights.

A simple question!
Who has the answer? Definitely not me…. Do you?

Photo taken from famous Abu-Sa'eed Fish Restaurant outside of Lattakia.


Tolerant Damascene said...

Human vs. Human = Wars and Death.

I'm afraid I don't have an answer to your question either :(

aleppian said...

Hello, this is first time i write here. i came here by accident :) by dina's posts.
i would express my congtats for the beautiful pics.
later i write always.

Ihsan said...

Damascene: I'm afraid no one does, cuz if so, things would have been different on earth!

Thanx for the visit, do it often :)

yaman said...

That is a very good message.

Where is this picture taken? Near Tartus or Lattakia?