Friday, April 25, 2008

Rats smell worse than fish

The CIA released today the assumptional-analytical footage of the alleged destroyed Syrian Nuclear Reactor. It is available here.

Within the 11 minutes footage, one can count words like “likely and probably” at least once in every narrated paragraph. The whole thing was utter speculations and even more fixation to make it look as they wanted to be. While I cannot refute the fishy smell surrounding the story, thanks mostly to the conflicting statements given by Syrian officials after the Israeli air strike in September 2007, I definitely don’t buy any CIA analysis. Hint: Iraqis WMD!

Having said that, I’m not writing about the US allegations, the mystery of that site and what not, but I want to write about the big rat that was seen in every photo of that footage. Now let’s say for argument sake that it was indeed a super top secret nuclear reactor being built without the knowledge of most senior members of the Syrian regime, as Haaretz claimed. The photos were not just taken from a satellite; in fact, the most compelling photos were taking from within, outside, and few meters away from the building and during different phases of its construction. Whoever took them was available on site and did not just sneak some peaks from afar. The alleged extreme secrecy surrounding the “project” would naturally suggest extreme security measures and “no cameras allowed” signs all over the place. Yet, the person(s) took the shots was pretty comfortable judging from the angles of the photos. This means one of two things, it has never been a top secret covert location as claimed and anyone could get there, or the presence of a huge fat rat among or a friend of the elite and most trusty people who were in charge of it. I, however, lean toward the latter.

The question is, have some heads rolled in Damascus over this or not? We are not looking at a person slurring at the holy government, but at a person who has committed great treason. This level of treason can never be done without accomplices. Has the almighty Syrian Mukhabarat done its job as it should or not? Have they learned how penetrated they are by our enemy or have the layers of fat they have accumulated over years of wealth and power blocked the natural instinct of being extremely alert in a country that has been in a state of war for decades.

One last note, I guess it’s safe to say that “traitors” are not the ones who criticize the performance of the gods, but more likely to be one of those who master the art of “ass-kissing”.