Thursday, July 07, 2005

My lovely Damascus as seen through my eyes from the top of Kassion........

Whenever I feel down and stressed, whenever I realize how tough it is to be a dreamer in Damascus.....I, simply, go to Kassion and see the very same view, then, everything changes, life becomes much prettier and easier, dreams seem to becoming true, love seems real, deception seems to vanish! .......... Until I go down back again and everything gets back to the way it had been before, alas.

Life goes on, I guess :-


Dina said...

Nice blog you've got here :)
You know I feel the same way when I go to Kassioun. I love to go there every while and then just to sit back and enjoy the glittery lights up there and feel that our Sham lissa bikher.

BTW: that's an excellent shot. Did you use a tripod? I took a pic up there by putting my camera on the edge and I almost dropped it off the cliff :P But it turned out all right at the end.

Ihsan said...

Damascus can only be loved from up there...I guess!

Well, it took me several attempts to get a successful shot using the night mode on my camera! The keys to a successful similar shots are:
1- Ashtray
2- Box of napkins.
Put the box of napkins on the ashtray on a table near a window at "A7la Taleh"...then put the camera on the box. so u can avoid having any parts of the window in your lens' way! then take the shot! ;)

Thanks for your visit :)