Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Two Halves….

The first half: Adaptation & Co-existence

Life is a combination of opposites. The abilities of adaptation and co-existence
are God’s best gifts to all of his creation. They make everybody live with everybody and make them able to understand and cooperate in case of differences to come up with a middle solution.

The second half: Submission

Do they like it, being together? If the stones of the building and the branches of the tree are able to speak, what would they say? What about the inhabitants of the building or the birds of the tree? Are they enjoying each other’s company!
They all submit to a superior power that told them what and who to accept, how to live, what to like and never cared about what they dislike!

Those are the two halves of our life, the full half and the empty one! Unfortunately, we, the Syrians, have been living in the empty half for ages, yet, we force ourselves to think of it as the full one!

While some may call it hope and optimism; I call it submission and weakness!

*Off the topic: The photos taken at Slenfeh; here are some more:


Tolerant Damascene said...

Nice photos. I've been to Slenfeh 3 times, and I really enjoyed my time there :)

Oz said...

hi, pretty good article, keep on posting like that

natasha said...

Its a good start, but what is this empty half you speak of

Ihsan said...

Natasha, it's the submission to a superior power!