Monday, April 17, 2006

60 years....

60 years, Syria has been in independence of any foreign control over the country and independence of any existence of non-national sovereignty.

60 years, Syrian people have been having independence in which, they didn’t feel independent. An independence in which they have to comply to Arabic speaking authorities with Syrian identity that is not much different than any other non-Arabic speaking authorities that would care more about their interest rather than the people’s.

60 years, our economic has risen and fallen.

60 years, our land was given back to us, but shortly after, a part of it was taken again and is never back.

60 years to come, and we will have the same form of independence, as it’s the only form that we've known for 3 generations.

Happy Independence Day to all Syrians……may peace and prosperity find their way to our beloved Syria.

Photo: Yousef Al-Azmeh square, Damascus.