Saturday, July 09, 2005

EAT! Do not let the view distract you……..

I have been to the Umayyad mosque in Damascus hundreds of times. I got to see it from all sides and angles. It’s something unique, it gives you a special feeling of coziness. The scene of the pigeons flying here and there adds even a greater aroma of sacredness accumulated over hundreds of years of being one of the most important attractions in Damascus.

Recently, we have been able to see this mosque from a different angle, thanks to a restaurant called “Laila’s'. Even though the menu, if you sit at the roof part of this restaurant, is somehow poor, compared to the menu of the inner parts, but the view explains why! You won’t be thinking of what to eat, all what you will be doing up there is admiring the view of the mosque. There is no camera can capture the whole view that your eye can see, or at least I cannot afford the cameras that do so :-

The evening will pass slowly and pleasantly (depending on your company of course), the only disturbance you will come across is the bill. By the time you decide to leave, you will notice that you have eaten nothing and your friends have come over all the food (mainly Saj) Yet, you will have to pay your share of the bill! “It’s not fair” I said! “Well, c’est la vie mon ami!” they answered!

At least, I came back home with a great photo that I enjoy looking at as if the evening has not ended nor the bill ever came!



Omar said...

welcome man.. enjoy your stay

Ihsan said...

Thanks Omar for your visit...

Ghalia said...

What I liked most was the sound of al Azan there, it is so close and great.

Ihsan said...

I, too , like the Azan of Umayyad mosque, it's so different and with the general atmosphere, it's great!

However, I never heard while being at Laila's, so I guess you either went so early and heard the "al-3isha" call or stayed so late and heard "al-Fajr" call..... ;)