Friday, December 16, 2005

Hurrray, back to misery, people!

It’s clear to all those who follows the news, that the pressure on Syria in regard to Harirri’s assassination has been defused and reached the lowest level ever since it has started. While this is not good news for many people in Lebanon and other countries, but surely is great news for all the Syrians.

Having the Syrian people standing by their government throughout this dilemma and forgetting all the unsolved domestic issues; gives a great example of the Syrian patriotism at the street level.

Just now, Syrians, can go back to their normal daily life and suffer from poverty, corruption and bureaucracy.

The government, on the other hand, will do the same and get back to its previous domestic policies of neglecting and ignoring the best interests of the Syrian people. It will resume the continuous effort of bringing Syrian citizens down to misery in exchange of the interest of some individuals.

The lesson is learnt; Syrian people are willing to forgive when their country is in danger, and the government is very good at deploying the public forgiveness to get rid of that danger.

But the question is: Will the government appreciate its people and start acting accordingly? Or nothing will change?

So Syrian people, until we get answers, go on and resume your previous life, as we have prevailed!

*The photo on the left is taken in Arnous Square, Damascus. The one on the right is taken in Al-Jissr Al-Abyad area in Damascus, the women is selling home-made bread.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

How to look at it, if you want to love it.

No fancy buildings, no fancy lightings, no fancy streets, just some random buildings and few cars, a bit of street lights here and there of which some may be broken.

Yet, this is my favorite city in the world, Damascus. I cannot have enough of this view, the view from my building. Soon enough, my eyes will be missing it, not my heart however.

Damascus has this magic, that whenever you feel down and depressed, feel lonely and blue. It can always make you feel better just by looking at it. It gives hope and pride. I look there; I don’t just see a city that is trying to be modern with no success. I simply see a city that is old enough to have known all the civilizations that ever existed on this planet. A city with history full of defeats and victories; a city that has survived all.

You just have to know where to look from, and where to look at, but most, you have to know how to look!