Monday, August 14, 2006

Israel lost : Lebanon won

The war has somehow stopped. Lebanon was heavily destroyed (Only some parts of the country where the Shiiate live but nowhere near the capital and the areas controlled by some personnel of the Lebanese government who are considered "friends" of the USA).

Israeli officials are claiming to have won by the issuance of the UN resolution 1701. In response to that claim, yes they won, but who wouldn't win when they have USA, UK, Germany and many Arabs countries working for the issuance of such a resolution, however, the resolution will only be a victory if the Lebanese government accepts to disarm Hezbollah. That will never happen!

Israel has lost on the ground. The army, who has a legendary reputation of wining all its wars, has lost against Hezbollah despite all the advantage and the technologies it has. Their air force advancement helped them to efficiently target civilians and civil infrastructures, but when the Israeli soldiers faced Hezbollah fighters face to face, they were screwed. Numbers would say it much better for those who refuse to believe: 61 Hezbollah fighters have been killed while 120 Israeli soldiers were killed. As for the civilian casualties: Israel has killed more than 1200 Lebanese civilians, the majority of them were children and Hezbollah killed around 50 Israeli civilians. Not to mention the statement of the Israeli Prime Minister who said yesterday that they are willing to negotiate the exchange of the Israeli soldiers with all the Lebanese prisoner including Samir Qintar! A month ago, things were totally different.

Israel won as the murderer that used its forces to kill civilians and destroy residential buildings and hospitals but it lost when it fought its peers.

The Israelis never made it on the ground and were never able to achieve anything they wanted to achieve, The US saved their face but indeed everybody knows thet Israel has lost the war. It's humiliating for Israel to have lost its first war despite all the arsenal of mass destruction they have.

A state of terror like Israel has learnt that it's not about weapons, but it's about having the right to defend one's land. The Lebanese National Resistance (Hezbollah) prevailed because they have the right to defend their land, free the occupied part of it and release their people from the Israeli prisons.

Killing has stopped in Lebanon, but it's still on in Palestine. If Israel continues its current policy of killing, I believe this is going to be the beginning and won't be the only time that Israel loses a war!

Congrats to the Lebanese and whoever supported them and I certainly don't mean Egypt who sent some actors and singers to show support nor Saudi Arabia who will give them little money of what that they made as a result of the increase in oil prices

To hell with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, the UN and whoever supported Israel in this war. Shame on the Arabs who blessed the Israeli's aggression against Lebanese. I'm not an Arab, I'm a proud Syrian.

Viva Lebanon and its resistance……God bless…..