Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Arab Jarab عرب جرب

The name could be offensive, if we read it and stop without furthering our reading through the paper. The name of the newly launched newspaper, Arab Jarab, is far beyond controversial.

Then, why this name?

First of all, the name is a sign of refusal to many of the social or socio-political aspects in the Arab world. Since all the people who are working on this newspaper project are Arabs, then, we can be firm when we say, it is not about degrading the Arabs. It's about exposing what we have become. It's about highlighting the values that we have lost in order to remember, and maybe, revive them.

We have chosen to write in Arabic, although all the team members have good command of other languages. But the targeted audience is us, the Arabs. We are not in the business of degrading ourselves or our people. We are here criticizing our practices in our own language so that only us, Arabic speakers, can understand. Not to mention that such a paper in English would be getting lots of traffic! Indeed, None-Arabs would love to read such articles. Yet again, the purpose is not to get more people reading, but only to get Arabs reading and hopefully reacting!

We, the team members, are proud Syrians, and for that matter, Arabs. But our source of pride is not based on our people's ancient glories. It's for who we are and for what we stand for, for our values and morals. Let's say this paper is our own way of self-criticizing and our way to show what have we become and hope for the betterment.

If you are an Arab, you may want check the newspaper at http://www.arab-jarab.com/

Tell us what you think…and whether you like it or not, please spread the word, as other may differ in opinion.