Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A colorless occasion...

Once again, in the middle of all the darkness that our country is going through, a new occasion for the Syrians to celebrate and act as if nothing wrong surrounding their future and the future of their country. They are trying to add their own colors to these colorless days.

It's the first Eid for me away from home and my beloved ones. I have lost track of days and occasions that used to mean a lot to me, but an Eid, without a family to sit with in the morning and have coffee with before going to buy some sheep and have them accordinally distributed, is not an Eid.

Adha Moubarak and happy Eid everybody, not for me anyway!


yaman said...

Eid Mubarak!

Anonymous said...

Try to be more optimistic.
Even if the country is in the middle of all this darkness it doesn't mean that the people should wear black and moan.
Its Eid for Gods sake.
Live and let live.

dodger said...

eid mubarak..
fabulous picture there..

no one said...

eh enjoy it ya zelemh..
enjoy the lonliness..enjoy the freedome..enjoy algherbeh... enjoy al3eed with ur family through the phone..

Dina said...

Cheer up Ihsan, kil sineh ou inte salem:)

GraY FoX said...

eh hope next Eid you will get a change to be around ;)

Yazan said...

a bit late but... Kol 3am w inta bkher!! ;)

natasha said...


had a chance to drop in too Eid sounds cool. I Read a bunch of your blogs too. You got crazy talent with them pictures man!

I Read a bunch of comments too. politics is fucked.

I see some commenters use the word Palestine rather than Israel... true peace can never be attained without the recognition of Israel. That is just a simple fact.

Just cuz folks don't like Israel doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Perhaps if Israel was accepted to beggin with there may not even have been the golan Heights problem we all share now.

Folks say "Palestine" but there is no Palestine. Perhaps there will be a Palestine one day, but it may not be what everyone thinks/ sadly hopes for.

Perhaps the Palestinians will call their land Palestine and Israel will still exist beside Palestine. As in the land will finally be divided and shared.

Refusing to accept Israel is the same as wanting millions of people dead. Millions of people live in Israel.

Its sad for me to see this blind refusal to recognize the facts. Israel exists right now.

Intollerance is never the answer.

Ihsan said...

Hey Natasha,

I really doubt that there is still anybody out there who believes that Israel does not exist! They are ways behind that. It's not about existance anymore, it's about co-existance between Palestinians and Isaelis, not in Israel, but in both Israel and Palestine!

When you read "Palestine", people mean the part of land where Palestinians live on, not Israel!

and when we talk about the co-existence, both sides have the same problem with it! Would be mistaken if I think that any of them is being tolarent while the other is not! However, Palestinians are the weaker side of the equation, aren't they?

Ihsan said...

Hey everybody else...Thanks and kul 3am w into bikhair...


Anonymous said...


Ihsan you are really full of shit buddy.
Co-existance Ha.
Who the hell do you think you are.
We all know how many palestinians die every single day and now you are kissing natasha s ass.
Don't you have morals.
We refuse to recognize that Israel exists, come on they don't even want us to exist.
Oh but i see now that you are out of your country, its ok to just sit on your butt and lecture us.
Well have a nice time kissing asses.

Anyone said...

Its a good thing that you consider people in palestine the weaker side,Ihsan.
Your opinion is highly appreciated.

Palestine said...

Big words Ihsan, big words.
Tell me man, who are you ???

The Peace Maker....
OR should i say piece of shit...

Ihsan said...

For the last 3 comments:

The concept of "throwing the Jews into the sea" has proven to be total stupidity and same for those who embrace it (i.e. you!).

Both sides are refusing to co-exist; both would want to eliminate the other! The Palestinians are being killed, because they are, as stated earlier, the weaker part. Give them what the Israelis have, things would turn around and won’t get any better! Israel is a FACT whether we like it or not.

anyone said...

No one is throwing the jews in the see.
We all want to live in peace.But most of the palestinians are getting killed.Men, women even children. we are the weaker ones. but you cannot say that if we had the power we would do the same.
I don't believe in violence and most people want peace and to live safely.
Not all of us are stupid.

Anonymous said...

You are so convincing.
Yes, what if it was the other way round. Palestinians would throw the jews in the sea.
But you feel relaxed to know that it is not.
So the message here is "Palestinians You Better learn how to swim because some of us think that you are better off in the sea"

Ihsan said...


I admire your comprehension. Way to go bud!

natasha said...

yo dudes,

the fact is that palestinians have, in the not so distant past, threatened to throw Jews into the sea. Thus we must to some degree accept that, were the tables turned, there still would be no peace. If peace is what you really want then a mere turning of tables would simply not be sufficient.

Jews, by the way, die at the hands of Palestinians on a regular basis as well. Yes, women and children too. who dies more/who dies less. Fuck, it all sucks! I'd rather we not be counting deaths at all. I'd rather we be counting good intentions and kind wishes and fucking offers of friendship and understanding.

Let's hear it for the bullshit. Who the hell is the real bullshiters here, ishan or you guys? do you want peace or do you want to see jewish blood stain the seas? does peace and a jew-free earth mean the same thing to some of you fools?

I think a few too many of you worship your fucking radio way too much, and outside of that can't see farther than the inside of your own assholes.

co0existance is possible and it should be the fucking prize that everyone's eye rests upon.

You want safety, peace, a nice place to raise your children -- man that shit stems from acceptence of one another. Yes, even if you can't understand them.

How about none of us -- any of us -- ends up in the sea. No Palestinians in the see, no Jews in the see, no Russians, Egyptians, Syrians,Canadian's, Mexicans etc... in the sea? Can you immagine a world where nobody has to learn how to swim? How about aiming our sights towards a world like that? Yes, yes, Before we get rid of Israel -- not after.

Israel, my friends, is not the only country/people on the to be illiminated list. every Country/people can find someone to hate. we may go first, if it is up to some, but don't be stupid enough to think that peace on earth will reign if we simply get rid of the Jews.

Yes, that's right, if you get rid of Israel you must get rid of the Jews. This isn't a matter of erasing a country. this is a matter of mass genocide.

So whats the shit here -- how many of you commenters want all Jews dead period. Can I see a show of hands here?