Friday, October 21, 2005

Cloudy Time

In the light of the investigation report that was released last night, which was clearly made to match a pre-set scenario in which, Syria, the only remaining evil, is deeply involved in the assasination of the Lebanese prime minister, Rafik Al-Hariri, at the government level.

Even though the report lacks evidences and is based on stories of anonymous people or people who are known to have a thing against Syria. However, the report is the green light for nailing Syria.

I can only see that we are heading towards a difficult time, eventually, our government will submit to what it’s told to do, but that will happen through a long process or a play, that only the Syrian people would suffer from.

I hope that we can keep the faith during this time and truly hope that our Syria and its people will get over it with the minimum possible damages.

God bless Syria