Sunday, March 09, 2008


Q:What do you call the killing of 8 Israeli civilians at a radical religious school?

A: a massacre.

Q: What do you call the killing of 120 Palestinians of which more than 66 were civilians, most of them children, at their homes?

A: a right to defend Israel's existence


Sunday, March 02, 2008

When cannibals don't seem bad all of a sudden


They say what starts on blood, can only feed on blood. The Israelis have beaten the cannibals, while the later take a life to feed on, the formers take lives and keep on taking lives for the sick nature of their being.

60 Palestinian have been killed within 24 hours. Everybody is silent. The so-much-civilized world all of a sudden falls asleep amid all the killings of innocents in Gaza. Why should they care if the Arab world doesn’t care?

In case somebody is wondering about the photo of the dead child, no, he wasn’t killed by a terrorist attack; he was only five months old when he was killed, among many others by a democratic country supported by a western world so full of hypocrisy and double-standards and an Arab world so full of betrayal and cowardice.

Good luck Gazans. You are on your own. We are busy; we have freedom of speech to defend in Europe, imaginary terrorist plots to halt in the US and royal and presidential chairs to save in the Arab world.

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