Saturday, July 09, 2005

Finding what I'm really into!!!

Just like any young man, I always tried to search for activities that would make me have real fun. So I hit the road of adventures and start looking for myself….

I always heard of camping, always seen it on TV, read about it, but never really done it. It seemed a good start. I started sniffing around to know what it takes to do some camping……I was given a whole list of equipments, tents, sleeping bags and a lot of others stuff….man, what if I get them and don't like it! What am I gonna do? Luckily, I have some smart friends, who suggested that we go for one night camping but we never sleep, we stay awake all night. By doing so, we need no tent nor sleeping bags! We collected some items, (tea cattle, some food, a radio) and went to a mountain near an area called Ashrafiet Al-Wadi…. We gathered woods, lots of it, set up the fire…….and stared at it for hours!
It was the first time to discover how boring myself and my friends are! Man, this was the longest and most boring night EVER! Do we look like we were having fun in the photo?I’m not into camping I guess!

Next time, I decided to try hiking, since we have no wild animals, it would be fun! I went with my school friend Hosni, we joined a group of hikers, it was near Kassab. We headed with the group to a beach that is only accessed by going around a mountain on a very narrow road over a cliff!
We hiked for 2 hours before we reached the beach…hmmm, just like any other beach I had ever seen in my life, except, the other ones have some facilities! We got there; we found out that we didn’t bring our bathing suit or any drinking water! I carried a huge hiking backpack and believe me, I had all sort of crap and not one single useful thing! Come on...nobody told me that I won’t be needing my laptop nor my darts board! Duh!
It was a horrible experiment…..we stayed for like 15 minutes before we decided to head back or we would have died out of thirst! So, again, I’m not into hiking.

This was taken on our way back, Hosni was really not happy with this whole outdoor activity thingy, he was dizzy a bit, and as far as I remember, this was the last time I ever saw him! I don't recall seeing him in the bus that day! That makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Finally, I found myself…. I was aware that I’m not into outdoor activities, and found out that I really like foosball……it’s so exciting, competitive, challenging, fun, yet you never get sweated and can be played in a cold room with a cold drink! and I still managed to win…Hooray!



Ghalia said...

Sounds it was great fun, me personally like this kind of trips, sepecially wehn it is "Shantata"lol.

crazyivan said...

lol this reminds me when my cousin and I went to the mountains to take some photographs. While were taking pictures, a guy told us that if we do some hiking, we can get a great view of the lake; but it never crossed our minds to ask him how long we should hike! So we walked and walked for 2 hours, with our bulky cameras and heavy shoes! Finally, we came across some "professional" hikers, who told us that we "only" need to keep climbing up the mountains for 3 more hours!

Ihsan said...

But it was worth it wasn't it?

I once did hiking wearing "Caterpillar" slippers! It was an excruciated hike that I bled for hours after! so, indeed, wearing appropriately, makes it a better experience! Anyways, I heard it once from a wise person that it takes a couple of hundreds of times to learn and become pros :\

yaman said...

Maybe if you had a nargheelah with you the camping would have been more amusing :)

I played foosball at nadi al jalaa with my cousins last year, and also at my other cousin's mazra3ah. I only play that game in Syria