Monday, October 30, 2006

Until further notice....

I have never been a fan of the Syrian regime in my whole live, I grew up to lose my faith and trust in it. There is no need to list my reasons as they are the same as anyone's who loves his/her homeland, Syria.

When the Americans started their invasion, or claimed liberation, of Iraq, I was one of those who were happy for the Iraqis because they were about to get rid of the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and start a new era. I didn't feel that because I trusted the Americans, but because I believed, then, that the Americans would have to leave eventually, and they will. Only then, Iraqis, all of them hand in hand, will have their free Iraq all for them to start building it up and stepping with it to a bright 21st century. I always argued for this and always said: "Give Iraq five to ten years and you will see"
I thought and for a while that Iraq could be a prototype of what Syria can have one day. I had hope of a new beginning for Syria following the new beginning of Iraq.

Years have passed ever since, and with every piece of news about Iraq, I lose hope. With every Iraqi woman who escapes her home in Iraq and flees to Syria to save her life and falls in the trap of the oldest profession in the world, prostitution, I lose my hope. With every Iraqis death count that has increased to be one out of 40 Iraqis since the American "Liberation" in 2003, I lose faith.
The problem is not only with the American troops nor has been only with Saddam Hussein. The problem is with the people of all sects as well. They all contribute to the destruction of Iraq that we see today.

Now, I understand. There is no hope for Iraq; and since it was our prototype, there is no hope for Syria. We are stuck in between the American murderous army and our corrupt regime. There is no third option. The people of Syria were supposed to be the only option left in the equation, but the people of Iraq proved me wrong. Oppressed people cannot rule. They need time to heal and to accept each other.

The regional recent events have strengthened the position of our regime. Yet, they, as well, exposed the true meanings of the American words of "Liberation" and "democracy" and made us feel disgusted when we hear them. Unfortunately, with the inability of people to rule and accept changes, we are left with these two options to choose between: Our regime or the American democracy.

I have made my decision and chose the Syrian regime. I'd rather see my people oppressed than dead. I'd rather see the tears of Syrian mothers over hungry children, than over dead children. I'd rather have my rights violated, than myself raped.

Yes to our regime. I here provide my full support to the regime that I'd never supported before, the regime that I've never trusted and never will.

I'm here selling my soul to the devil, until further notice.