Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Congratulation Lebanon

I would like to take the opportunity in this joyful day and congratulate our neighbours, the Lebanese, for making such a historic, humanly-impossible-to-achieve deal.

To those who happen to read this blog but have no clue what happens in Lebanon and what deal that is, here is a summary of Lebanon's history.

Lebanon for dummies:

  • Few years ago, Lebanon was existed

  • Few years after, Lebanese started killing one another based on their sects and political affiliation

  • Few years after that, Lebanese stopped killing one another after huge efforts, mediation and military intervention from the Arabs

  • Few years after that , the Arabs stopped their mediation and military intervention as Lebanese must have matured.

  • Few years after that and few months ago, Lebanese got nostalgic and started killing one another based on sect and political affiliation.

  • Few days ago, the Arabs started mediating and just today a historic deal between the Lebanese shepherds,aka ex-war-lords et al., was struck.

This deal comprises of the following:

  1. Thou Lebanese should not kill one another

  2. A trial period is needed to test the ability of a Lebanese to co-exist with another Lebanese who belongs to a different sect

  3. A Lebanese of a certain sect can only elect another Lebanese of the same sect, inter-sectarian voting is therefore frowned upon.

Viva Le Liban indeed!

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Israel...

Let’s try to be civilized for once and share the joy of such a memorable anniversary with our neighbor, Israel. Let’s show that we are stretching our hands for peace with the only democracy in the Middle East and prove to the Western Media that unlike they have been reporting, Israel is not surrounded by “often” hostile neighbors. I here call all my country-men and women to join me here in this post that is dedicated to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Israel.

What’s a better celebration than the one where we give a brief history listing some of the milestones, achievement and contributions to humanity of the “birthday” state, Israel?

We start the party with some milestones in the short history of the state of Israel. Noteworthy that amidst the sea which is the history of Israel, what will be mentioned here is just a drop…

Israeli Milestones:

Giving birth to a nation in Deir Yasin:
The operation was not easy and left thousands of Palestinians dead as a result of tens of massacres committed with cold blood by the birthday boys, the Israelis. Of these massacres, Deir Yassin’s is the most remembered one, although not the most notorious but it was well documented and exposed than tens of other massacres that were committed during the birth of Israel. More than 250 Palestinians who lived in this village were killed in a matter of hours. Some of the survivors said that some of them managed to escape the massacre committed by the Isreali’s Haganah brigade were captured shortly after and shown as trophies in West of Jerusalem and then taken back to Deir Yassin village where they were executed and their corpses thrown into wells. Here is a documentary about this massacre, enjoy:

Bahr Al Baqar Elementary School
Israelis have been fond of education and have given schools a special unprecedented attention. In April 8th 1970, some Isreali jet fighters bombed an Egyptian elementary school killing 31 junior students (8 to 13 year old) and injuring 26. Rumor has it that the Israelis anticipated that those children would have grown up to be terrorists.

Sabra & Shatila
In September 1982, Israel had besieged a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon and allowed their thugs in who killed 3500 civilians. The population of the whole camp was wiped out over night. Here are some footages of the event, enjoy:

For an aftermath eyewitness journalist report on this event, click here.

Qana I
In April 1996 (note that 3 out of 4 massacre I have listed were committed in April), the Isreali bombed a UN building in South Lebanon that was sheltering tens of children and women. The outcome was just 106 deaths. Enjoy:

Qana II, the sequel
After the failure in achieving high number of casualties in Qana I, the Israel once again in 2006 committed a second massacre in the same village killing 60 civilians of which 15 were mentally or physically handicapped children, enjoy:

I guess enough now with milestones. Killing thousands of civilians gets boring after a while. So let’s move on and have the birthday party going. We should now celebrate the contributions Israel has made to the civil world.

Israeli Contributions and Achievments:

Stone Breaking Tradition
To be accurate, this was not introduced by Israel as it was first used by the ape man few thousands of years ago when they used to use a stone to break the bones of their prey. Tradition has since died until the birth of Israel. How does it work? Simple, all what you need is a stone and a kid, preferably Palestinian. Hit him hard on the arm with the stone until it cracks, the arm not the stone of course. Not clear yet? Watch the footage then.

Reality TV
Many of you don’t know that the Israelis were the first to introduce this trendy TV programming. Years before it boomed all over the world, it existed in Israel. Here is a sample of in which a father and a son are caught on camera, in a real life situation, being shot at by Israelis. The father is trying to protect his kid and shouting: “you are killing my child”. But the Israelis are well trained, so they impressively kill the kid first so they can give the audience few extra moments of a tormented father mourning his son before they ran out of time and shot the father. All in this footage first broadcasted on French TV:

“Go Green…Go Flesh” Initiative
Researchers have found that when children see their moms being assaulted or shot at, or when they are kicked out of their homes; they might get angry and start throwing stones at the armored car of the aggressors. More dented cars means more paint job, more paint jobs means more ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons emitted in the air. The Israeli solution was to bring innocent pass-byers and put them in front of the armored car to receive the stones as other researchers have found that a dented human body is more environment-friendly than a dented car. More details of the process, please watch the footage:

Pre-Emptive Beach Safeguarding
Hundreds of people drown while swimming every year around the world. The regular safe guarding procedures no longer seem to suffice and it was about time to find a new set of procedures. Israel was there to develop the concept of the pre-emptive beach safeguarding. How does it work? Rather than waiting for the people to jump into the water and expose their lives to the threat of drowning, have one of your navy ships launch a missile at every Palestinian family that think of going to the beach for a picnic. Here is a demo:

While the hypocrite civilized world is celebrating the anniversary of the state of blood, Israel, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are still displaced around the world with no home. Thousands more are suffering inhumane life conditions under Israeli siege in Gaza. Holocausts have been made every day in Palestine for the past 60 years and yet creatures around the world who dare to label themselves as human are celebrating this anniversary. Indeed, it’s a happy world that we live in.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Rats smell worse than fish

The CIA released today the assumptional-analytical footage of the alleged destroyed Syrian Nuclear Reactor. It is available here.

Within the 11 minutes footage, one can count words like “likely and probably” at least once in every narrated paragraph. The whole thing was utter speculations and even more fixation to make it look as they wanted to be. While I cannot refute the fishy smell surrounding the story, thanks mostly to the conflicting statements given by Syrian officials after the Israeli air strike in September 2007, I definitely don’t buy any CIA analysis. Hint: Iraqis WMD!

Having said that, I’m not writing about the US allegations, the mystery of that site and what not, but I want to write about the big rat that was seen in every photo of that footage. Now let’s say for argument sake that it was indeed a super top secret nuclear reactor being built without the knowledge of most senior members of the Syrian regime, as Haaretz claimed. The photos were not just taken from a satellite; in fact, the most compelling photos were taking from within, outside, and few meters away from the building and during different phases of its construction. Whoever took them was available on site and did not just sneak some peaks from afar. The alleged extreme secrecy surrounding the “project” would naturally suggest extreme security measures and “no cameras allowed” signs all over the place. Yet, the person(s) took the shots was pretty comfortable judging from the angles of the photos. This means one of two things, it has never been a top secret covert location as claimed and anyone could get there, or the presence of a huge fat rat among or a friend of the elite and most trusty people who were in charge of it. I, however, lean toward the latter.

The question is, have some heads rolled in Damascus over this or not? We are not looking at a person slurring at the holy government, but at a person who has committed great treason. This level of treason can never be done without accomplices. Has the almighty Syrian Mukhabarat done its job as it should or not? Have they learned how penetrated they are by our enemy or have the layers of fat they have accumulated over years of wealth and power blocked the natural instinct of being extremely alert in a country that has been in a state of war for decades.

One last note, I guess it’s safe to say that “traitors” are not the ones who criticize the performance of the gods, but more likely to be one of those who master the art of “ass-kissing”.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Q:What do you call the killing of 8 Israeli civilians at a radical religious school?

A: a massacre.

Q: What do you call the killing of 120 Palestinians of which more than 66 were civilians, most of them children, at their homes?

A: a right to defend Israel's existence


Sunday, March 02, 2008

When cannibals don't seem bad all of a sudden


They say what starts on blood, can only feed on blood. The Israelis have beaten the cannibals, while the later take a life to feed on, the formers take lives and keep on taking lives for the sick nature of their being.

60 Palestinian have been killed within 24 hours. Everybody is silent. The so-much-civilized world all of a sudden falls asleep amid all the killings of innocents in Gaza. Why should they care if the Arab world doesn’t care?

In case somebody is wondering about the photo of the dead child, no, he wasn’t killed by a terrorist attack; he was only five months old when he was killed, among many others by a democratic country supported by a western world so full of hypocrisy and double-standards and an Arab world so full of betrayal and cowardice.

Good luck Gazans. You are on your own. We are busy; we have freedom of speech to defend in Europe, imaginary terrorist plots to halt in the US and royal and presidential chairs to save in the Arab world.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Human Abuse in Syria - Part 1

Years ago, we used to point fingers at the Arabs in the oil-rich countries and accuse them of all sort of abuses, we used to hear and tell stories of the Asian house-maid that are not being treated as humans but as objects owned by their employers. We used to hear stories of human trafficking in Dubai where girls from Asia and East Europe are being fooled to go there and once they arrive, their passport are confiscated and they are forced to work in prostitution.

“Money does more than that in the hands of uncivilized people”, we used to say, nodding our heads in disgust

Few days ago, a friend called me and invited me to a different style of parties. He picked me up 1 AM and we went to a club somewhere close to Damascus. We walked in and there was more than 20 girls standing on the podium, dancing, moving their bodies with the rhythm of the music. Around the podium, the tables filled with hungry men, who sat there drooling.
The drill is that anyone can pick up any of those girls and have her seated at his table where he makes his offer to her for the next day. It costs $10 to have her at the table and god knows how much to have her as a treat for the next day.

I managed to get the numbers of two girls. I called the next day and asked them about their story. They both were sad when they were talking. They kept saying, it was the need that brought us into this hell. The first girl, her stage name is Nesmeh, was born in 1987 from Morocco, used to be a hair stylist back home before she read an ad about lucrative employment in Syria in the field of her expertise. She signed a contract and was brought to Syria to do what she does now. The other girl “Khouloud” was born in 1985 in Morocco. She was a waitress and came to Syria under the impression she will be waitressing as well. When I asked them why not to go back after they discovered the truth, they said that the only way to obtain their passports is to pay back the amount of 100,000 S.P. ($2000) plus the money of the flight tickets, all which they can’t afford nor dare to call their poor families for help.


They are put in a hotel in Damascus which they can only leave 4 hour per day. Pretty much like a prison, but instead of taking the daily break in the yard, they are allowed to take it in the streets, mainly to meet with the customers and fulfill their desires.

I know this is not new in Syria. I had always heard about it but had never seen it nor talked to the girls forced to do it. It’s known that the people behind this business in Syria, which is extremely lucrative, are people that nobody can touch or dare to go near, let’s say, the privileged minority of the Syrians.

*I sneaked in my mobile phone cam to shoot a few seconds of what’s going on there.