Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Congratulation Lebanon

I would like to take the opportunity in this joyful day and congratulate our neighbours, the Lebanese, for making such a historic, humanly-impossible-to-achieve deal.

To those who happen to read this blog but have no clue what happens in Lebanon and what deal that is, here is a summary of Lebanon's history.

Lebanon for dummies:

  • Few years ago, Lebanon was existed

  • Few years after, Lebanese started killing one another based on their sects and political affiliation

  • Few years after that, Lebanese stopped killing one another after huge efforts, mediation and military intervention from the Arabs

  • Few years after that , the Arabs stopped their mediation and military intervention as Lebanese must have matured.

  • Few years after that and few months ago, Lebanese got nostalgic and started killing one another based on sect and political affiliation.

  • Few days ago, the Arabs started mediating and just today a historic deal between the Lebanese shepherds,aka ex-war-lords et al., was struck.

This deal comprises of the following:

  1. Thou Lebanese should not kill one another

  2. A trial period is needed to test the ability of a Lebanese to co-exist with another Lebanese who belongs to a different sect

  3. A Lebanese of a certain sect can only elect another Lebanese of the same sect, inter-sectarian voting is therefore frowned upon.

Viva Le Liban indeed!

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