Sunday, July 30, 2006

Murderous Pride

The war is about to end or will end soon after the extensive diplomatic efforts by many countries followed by a sudden rush by the USA to stop the war. The USA, who has fully supported the Israeli's aggression against Lebanon, is now forced to work on stopping the aggression after the obvious loss and embarrassment of Israel's mighty army.

Of course, the picture will be enhanced in order to prevent showing Israel's loss. But off the record, Israel has lost this war in Lebanon once again.

Lebanon is the only country in the world that has defeated Israel. The first time was in 2000, when Israel was forced to withdraw from South of Lebanon under constant attacks carried by Hezbollah, the Lebanese national resistance movement. And hopefully this will be the second time once Israel releases the Lebanese prisoners and withdraw from Shab'a farms.

Some may say otherwise, well, for the outsiders who are not familiar with the nature of wars in the Middle East that are involving Israel, things may not be clear as Lebanon has suffered more damage than Israel has. But the truth is what happened is a total loss for Israel. The win in this kind of wars is not measured by the destruction that is caused by one country to another. But it's by the achievement of the goals of each war. Israel has achieved none and Lebanon despite the significant damage inflected by Israel will achieve its goals.

The current war started when Hezbollah seized two Israel soldiers and Israel sought that incident as an excuse to eliminate Hezbollah once and for all. Israel started massive raids against the South of Lebanon. Artillery, navy and air forces were constantly bombing everything in Lebanon killing everything that was moving and claiming that it was Hezbollah's. Hezbollah in return, retaliated by launching thousands of missiles on North of Israel causing heavy damage and forcing 2 million Israelis to hide in shelters. Israel's arrogance prevented it to comply with the increasing demand to stop the killing of civilians and the destruction of the Lebanese civil infrastructure. They were still hoping that Hezbollah will still be eliminated. Israel at that time said that they will only stop their attack under certain conditions:

  1. Disarming Hezbollah and send them as far as beyond Al-Litani river.
  2. Instant return of the two captured soldiers without any exchange with any Lebanese prisoners.

Days have passed and Israel got nothing out of its attacks. Instead, Hezbollah kept hitting deeper in Israel reaching as far as Hayfa.
At that time Israel decided to send ground troops since the air strikes will never achieve their initial goals. Again, they were badly defeated by Hezbollah fighters and were forced to withdraw from points they hardly managed to take control of in the last week.

Today, Israel announced that disarming Hezbollah is not currently required to reach a ceasefire agreement. Instead, they showed flexibility toward the idea of exchange of the Lebanese prisoners for the Israeli ones and withdrawing from Shab'a farms- the last part of the Lebanese part under the Israel occupation- Basically, these demands were Hezbollah's all time demands.

Indeed, Lebanon has been severely destroyed. But for those who don't know, Lebanon has been destroyed by Israel many times and rebuilt by the Lebanese every time. One last time will not be impossible. However, they can now be proud that this small country achieved something that many Arabs country failed to. They freed their occupied land with no conditions. Their pride is the most honorable in the world. Israeli pride on the other hand, the murderous pride, is the most shameful of all time. That pride prevented Israel from allowing human and medical aid to reach South of Lebanon; it prevented them from accepting a 72 hours humanitarian ceasefire suggested by the UN during which injured civilians would have been rescued from under the dust of their collapsed homes. On the contrary, that pride pushed them to focus on destroying more and more of the Lebanese commercial, civil and tourist infrastructure hoping that this will create an internal pressure on Hezbollah. They were wrong. Lebanese prevail.

Now, let's talk about this war from different perspectives and will start with some Lebanese-American-Britain and other's claim that Hezbollah's doings are in favor of Syria and Iran. I personally find it stupid, yet disgraceful (for the Lebanese) to degenerate the national resistance and make it look like a toy in others hand. That claim would be true if Lebanon has a peace agreement with Israel and no Lebanese Land or prisoners are in Israel's hand. Since that does not apply, that claim is lame and really shows nothing but the stupidity of whoever repeats it like a parrot (i.e. Blair, Bush, Jumblat and others)

Hezbollah did start the current event, however, their act was against soldiers in uniform not civilians and the immediate response of Israel was against civilians Therefore, if we are to use the word terrorists, it will be more appropriate to describe the Israel's act and whoever supported the killing of all the civilians who have been killed.

I'm proud of the Lebanese in general and Hezbollah in specific for not letting their land and rights in anybody's control. And I'm so much disgusted by the world both the Western and the Arab who either stood in silence or supported the killing and destruction of Lebanon.

After 18 days of war in Lebanon, Israel and the free world represented by USA and Britain and supported by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan have achieved the following:

  • One fifth of the Lebanese population was forced to leave their homes under the heavy bombardment.
  • 700 Lebanese civilians were killed by Israel and more than 3000 injured.

As for the numbers from the other side of the borders, Israel is controlling all the out coming media and not releasing any sort of info about the damage caused by Hezbollah, however, all what have been announced until now is less than 10 percent of the above numbers, yet, most of the casualties in Israel are soldiers as per the Israeli media.

Click here for photos from Lebanon showing the doings of Israel

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abufares said...

Great post Ihsan

I agree with you on all point except that "free world' phrase toward the end.
There is no free world. There are a couple of pimps (Israel & the US Government) and many whores: European, Arab and otherwise.