Monday, August 14, 2006

Israel lost : Lebanon won

The war has somehow stopped. Lebanon was heavily destroyed (Only some parts of the country where the Shiiate live but nowhere near the capital and the areas controlled by some personnel of the Lebanese government who are considered "friends" of the USA).

Israeli officials are claiming to have won by the issuance of the UN resolution 1701. In response to that claim, yes they won, but who wouldn't win when they have USA, UK, Germany and many Arabs countries working for the issuance of such a resolution, however, the resolution will only be a victory if the Lebanese government accepts to disarm Hezbollah. That will never happen!

Israel has lost on the ground. The army, who has a legendary reputation of wining all its wars, has lost against Hezbollah despite all the advantage and the technologies it has. Their air force advancement helped them to efficiently target civilians and civil infrastructures, but when the Israeli soldiers faced Hezbollah fighters face to face, they were screwed. Numbers would say it much better for those who refuse to believe: 61 Hezbollah fighters have been killed while 120 Israeli soldiers were killed. As for the civilian casualties: Israel has killed more than 1200 Lebanese civilians, the majority of them were children and Hezbollah killed around 50 Israeli civilians. Not to mention the statement of the Israeli Prime Minister who said yesterday that they are willing to negotiate the exchange of the Israeli soldiers with all the Lebanese prisoner including Samir Qintar! A month ago, things were totally different.

Israel won as the murderer that used its forces to kill civilians and destroy residential buildings and hospitals but it lost when it fought its peers.

The Israelis never made it on the ground and were never able to achieve anything they wanted to achieve, The US saved their face but indeed everybody knows thet Israel has lost the war. It's humiliating for Israel to have lost its first war despite all the arsenal of mass destruction they have.

A state of terror like Israel has learnt that it's not about weapons, but it's about having the right to defend one's land. The Lebanese National Resistance (Hezbollah) prevailed because they have the right to defend their land, free the occupied part of it and release their people from the Israeli prisons.

Killing has stopped in Lebanon, but it's still on in Palestine. If Israel continues its current policy of killing, I believe this is going to be the beginning and won't be the only time that Israel loses a war!

Congrats to the Lebanese and whoever supported them and I certainly don't mean Egypt who sent some actors and singers to show support nor Saudi Arabia who will give them little money of what that they made as a result of the increase in oil prices

To hell with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, the UN and whoever supported Israel in this war. Shame on the Arabs who blessed the Israeli's aggression against Lebanese. I'm not an Arab, I'm a proud Syrian.

Viva Lebanon and its resistance……God bless…..


Soraya said...

Indeed Lebanon won …its people the standing still and faithful who believed in the resistance won…those who gave up everything for freedom won…the children of Lebanon who will see the light after darkness won…

raje3 raje3 yet3mar raje3 lebnan

Hugo Denis said...


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Anonymous said...

Lebanon won?? If you think several billions worth of economic and structural damage along with the hijacking of a legitimate government by apocaylptic Islamic idiots is a victory, then just wait a couple of months! Your wonderful government has some unwelcome suprises in store for its population... welcome to the Syrian republic of Iran, and everything that comes along with that!

Anonymous said...

You are obviously neither Lebanese nor have family there. Hezbollah is NOT the national resistance of Lebanon and never will be. They are a minority, who exist only because your corrupt "government" wanted them to as a proxy force, since you are too weak to fight Israel alone. Unfortunately, such blind idiotic anti-semitic supporters as yourself will most likely lead to the further destruction and/or civil war in Lebanon in the coming months, as Nasrallah and Iran disperse their supporters North to take control over areas in which they are not threatened. Your lack of care for Lebanon is appalling...may you face the same fate as many of the Lebanese martyrs such as Hariri.

Ihsan said...

@Ananymous 1: Those you called Islamic idiots are part of the Lebanese government and represent the Shiites who are not a minority at all. As for the damages, well they occurred, but who says the war is about who inflict more damages? If you think so, then you need to read the history of the region and its wars. Hint: "achieving goals" As Michel Aoun said:" We can rebuild our bridges and homes, but we can never rebuild our dignity if it's lost".

Awaiting the surprise…;)

@Ananymous 2: Smart guess, I'm not Lebanese, as you may have noticed, this is a Syrian blog…duh!
Read what I said in the comment above. And please don't use the anti-Semitism crap…you can use anti-Israeli murderers instead. I leave the intense care for Lebanon to Israel who slaughtered thousands of them and frequently destroyed their country. If you still think Hezbollah has no Lebanese support, then you are so wrong! Hezbollah wouldn't have made it during the past 33 days if there was no huge internal support.
As for your wish for me to die, thank you so much. I wouldn't expect any better from people like you.

Anonymous said...

It's time to open your eyes

By Riad Ali

In February 2005, former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated. He was among the leading opponents of Syria and its tentacles in Lebanon, including Hezbollah. Hariri was a multimillionaire and served as prime minister for many years. Unlike any other Arab or Muslim leader, Hariri offered his fellow Lebanese a secular alternative. Under his baton, a different Lebanon arose among the ruins that were left behind by the civil war and the war with Israel. A different, colorful, vibrant, ambitious and politically and culturally pluralistic Lebanon was resurrected. A Lebanon whose daughters could paddle in bathing suits at Beirut's beaches. A Lebanon where the media spoke openly about corruption, incest and homosexuality. A Lebanon that encouraged open creativity, self-criticism and freedom of thought and expression.

And then came the assassination, which more than murdering an individual wanted to slay the alternative he had offered to his people. The assassination, to the grief and dismay of the assassins, brought hundreds of thousands of Lebanese hungry for life into the streets, and at the end of the day, they expelled the Syrian army from their country.

I know that many people in the Arab and Muslim world, including Arab citizens of Israel, believe with every fiber of their being in the conspiracy theory. According to them, the hand of Israel and the West is everywhere. Israel is the mother of all evil and the root of all the problems in our region. I am not among those who say that Israel and the West are as pure as the driven snow, but I ask "the blind by choice" in the Muslim world: Who had an interest in destroying Hariri's vision? Who was threatened by the rays of light that came from Lebanon? Who did not want Lebanon to be an oasis in the heart of the dictatorships, most of which had begun to be moldy and malodorous? Israel, the United States, France, Britain? Or rather Syria, Iran and Hezbollah?

It takes intellectual and moral courage to point to the thick line connecting the assassination of Hariri to the war in southern Lebanon. I know that the fact of the word "Israel" is enough to cloud the analytical abilities of many in the Arab and Muslim world. To them, I suggest trying to take the Israeli factor out of the arena and examining the situation in Lebanon on the eve of Hariri's assassination.

A vehement debate was going on at the time in the country between Syria's opponents and supporters. It was clear as day to many Lebanese that after Israel's withdrawal from the south in May 2000 - apart from the Shaba Farms, assuming they do belong to Lebanon - the time had come to eject the Syrian occupier from there. Yes, it is necessary to call a spade a spade: "the Syrian occupier." Hariri's assassination engendered the expulsion of the Syrian army from Lebanon, but not Syrian influence. Within this puzzle, Hezbollah supported Syria and "the covenant of February 14, 2005," and Hariri's supporters demanded the dismissal of President Emile Lahoud, a supporter of Syria, and the disarming of the Hezbollah. They wanted to continue on Hariri's secular path and build a Lebanon free of foreign influence, a Lebanon in which there is freedom of religion but which is free of the cult of religion and parochialism. In short, a democratic, liberal and enlightened Lebanon.

In the eyes of "the blind by choice," Israel is always to blame. If they were to open their eyes for just a moment, they would discover that in the eyes of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, the democracy that Hariri proposed is the mother of all evil, and not Israel. As far as they are concerned, it is better that Lebanon be bombarded with thousands of smart bombs rather than be bombed by one smart bomb of democracy. It does not take especially sensitive eyes and ears to determine that the first bullet that was fired in this war was fired on February 14, 2005, the day of Hariri's assassination.

The time has come to admit that the mother of all ills in the Arab world is the absence of a secular alternative that has the power to offer people a different way of thinking. An option that is an alternative to the one offered by political Islam. It is not the Israeli occupation that needs to be ended, but rather the fanatic religious occupation of the Arab-Muslim intellect, which is blocking the masses from the pleasure of thinking.

This is an occupation that makes astonishingly effective use of the term "Israel" as a wonder nostrum to neutralize the capacity for critical vision among the many who have frozen the clock of history at the picture of Kfar Kana, and pointed without thinking in the direction of Israel. The cancerous tumor from which the Islamic world is suffering must be initially sought in the bunkers of Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, and not in the maw of the cannon on the Israeli tank. And no - I'm still not saying that Israel is as pure as the driven snow.

In one of his brilliant comments, Ra'am-Ta'al MK Ahmed Tibi said that Israel is a country that is "democratic for its Jews and Jewish for it Arabs." You know what? My life's dream is to see one Arab country that is at least "democratic for its Muslims, and Muslim toward its minorities." Amen.

Ihsan said...

@Anonymous who chose to post an article of some guy's opinion. And by the way, I do respect all opinions, no matter how lame they are.

Now, let me mention few points:

1- Harriri never called for disarming Hezbollah

2- Harriri was, and for tens of year, the main benefactor of the Syrian military presence in Lebanon and he was "Our Man in Beirut". His objection to the Syrian decision of extending Emile Lahoud's presidency caused his death by those who benefited from his death and clearly, it wasn't Syria.

3- I do agree on the link between the assassination of Hariri and the recent war in Lebanon. Who ever killed Harriri was planning on the recent escalation of violence in Lebanon and the main aim is DISARMING Hezbollah, the enemy number 1 of Israel and its people in Lebanon.

4- The word Democracy in Lebanon is very funny. What kind of democracy is that when a president or a prime minister must belong to certain religious sects and the names of the current rulers and head of the political parties are the sons of the warlords of the Lebanese civil war? In other words, they inherited their positions in the Lebanese politics from their fathers.

5- Lastly, I do agree on the point that Riad Ali ended his article. Israel is the only democratic country in the region and I do wish that my country, Syria, has the same democracy. However, being democratic does not repel being murderous towards the children and the civilians of neighboring countries as Israel clearly is.

Thanks for opening my eyes. Hope you open yours….someday!

Anonymous said...

in fact ,I was reading many articles about this war.the news papers in the usa were asking this question "who won?"maybe in the Arabs opinion :the Arabs won.But what about the Israelian opinion?however,I think we should wait and see what is going to happen shortly...maybe we will find soon that we didn't really win!we should look to the things in the long time,not in the sort time,besides,we don't understand the politices need to be one of them to understand it.

Yazan said...

You know exactly how i feel about Hizbolla, so there's no need to reiterate that.

But, the major win, (in my opinion) is not the military one [its arguable, although personally i feel that hizbolla had several surprises that shocked the IDF and that is alone a win], it's the humongous feeling of pride among not just lebanese [at least some], syrians.. Arabs as a whole... the normal arab feels proud... thats a huge achievement. thats very important in the history of civilizations, after decades of being humiliated, an arab can now raise its head and say I defended my land, I didnt sell the Golan for a fee million dollars [read the latest article by Sadat's personal physician], I didnt sell Sinai, I fought back. thats important, even if its exaggerated, but its important, on a population level, its amazing.. I was in Cairo during this whole mess, and whenever someone knows I'm Syrian, all the da3wat start coming... everyone, it made me tear...

Now, if u wanna move away, step away, look at it from above, free urself from this whole "Hysteria al-jama3yeh", tell me exactly, what civilized project is Iran, Syria or Hizbolla has to offer... and dont use the anti question "What Israel has to offer..." we're both not that idiots, we both hate to get into the whole duals, so...
isnt it time for other prjects, ideas to start taking its way, before its too late...
if it was for me, I would rather die, than to chose one of these 2 visions for this world, US neo-conservatives-Israeli, Hizbolla-Iran and other fundementalists [btw, I have a certain feeling, that all these Shiites and Sunni fundemental associations, and orgs, are connected somehow... they're not an easy bite, obviously]

MajnoonLeila said...

re: disarming Hezbolla

a one million dollar question..... what will 15000 un soldiers do in the southern lebanon..... what is their job there?!!

The simplest answer would be DISARMING HEZBOLLA

Disarming Hezbolla can be done simply by making its arms useless.... 15000 soldiers will do this job

On the other hand.... some islamic radicals are so waiting for the "UN" force to show up..... stupid sherak has just given those radicals the golden chance to get back to business once again..... soon Europe countries will call their soldiers out of the area.

My personal conclusion..... the war has just began

Anonymous said...

Hey, yes, I survived the Hezbullah onslaught of rockets -- hi Ishan, I'm back.

Have you forgotten by the way that this war began with an invation on Israel in a time of calm between Lebanon and Israel?

As far as I know, Israel gave all occupied lands back to Lebanon six years ago.

Hezbullah snuck across Israeli borders durring a time of calm and peace and kidnapped soldiers and killed others.

This war did not have to have ANY of the casualties on either side -- all Israel wanted at the beggining was the two kidnapped soldiers back!

Please also remember that Hezbullah hides itself among civilians! Thus This terrorist organization uses the Lebanese people as human shields (including women and children). There is no way to get to the Hezbullah without being forced to go through civilians. This is Hezbullah's war tactic and it is a dirty war tactic any way you turn it.

I agree: Hezbullah won. Hezbullah won because it hid umongst civilians and had no care for the lives of the Lebanese people whom it used as shields without any care for their lives or libberties etc...

Hezbullah started this war and Hezbullah keapt this war going.

Am I saying everything Israel did was right? certainly not. But as far as this war and the deaths of all those people and children, both Israeli and Lebanese: All of those deaths are on Hezbullah's hands! They are the murders!

If, as you say, Hezbullah has a right to "Protect" Lebanon and it's land (since when is Lebanon Hezbullah owned land anyway?? as far as I can tell the Hezbullah isn't even predominantly Lebanese -- aren't they syrian??) then Israel certainly has a right to defend their land too. Isreael then has a right to deffend itself against Hezbullah invation. The Hezbullah invaded Israel when they snuck across the Israeli border and killed and kidnapped soldiers. the Hezbullah invaded Israel with rockets. Are you saying Israel should have just stood still and NOT defended itsef? so we should all just lie down and die? That seems ridiculous Ishan.