Wednesday, July 19, 2006

From Israel to Lebanon with love.....

People around the world wonder why Arabs hate Israel. Their questions are based on the propaganda that Israel is a democratic entity in the Middle East that is facing evil powers around it whose only aim is to eliminate this peace-loving democratic state.

If people use reliable sources to get their information about the Middle East, they will understand and maybe hate Israel themselves.

Israel is a state built on the ruins and bloods of others. Throughout its short history, it has committed hundreds of massacres and atrocities, kicked hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes. Unfortunately, these stories are never covered by the media in the west! Why would it be? Israel is the establishment of the west in the ME!

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about history. But to answer the question of some people about why Arabs hate Israel, I though that this little story can do the job.

Two days ago a little Israeli girl, in the supposed age of innocence, decided to send a message reflecting the love she has in her heart toward the Arabs in general and Lebanese in specific to her Lebanese counterpart. The message was sent and received in the very same day. However the Lebanese girl could not read it as she was dead!

The Israeli girl who sent the message

The Lebanese girl who never lived to read the message

When a country like Israel kills the innocence of its children to make them grow with hatred in their heart instead of innocence, it cannot expect to be respected by its neighbors.

Hatred brings only hatred.

Update: Just today the 19th of July 2006, Israel killed 50 Lebanese civilians!


Anonymous said...

Haha, Go on Israeli girls.
Fuck you arabs

Oli said...

The former comment only highlights the fact that Israelis systematically encourage violence against Arabs, that this is not a war attempting to establish peace (as an Israeli minister tried to claim on BBC World's HARDTALK yesterday). This is a nation with expansionist deisres and specifically agressive foregin policy. Check out for my ideas on this and more.

NIr said...

reminder :
The Hama massacre occurred when the government of Syria attacked the town of Hama and killed thousands of people on February 2, 1982. Amnesty International claims that 10,000-25,000 were killed at Hama

in case you forgot who you r ...

Ihsan said...

NIR: I didn't see kids signing the missiles that were launched at Hama!

I'm not what my government was or even is....while you can not say the same about yourself(if you are an Israeli).

My Syria's Comments said...

Israelis do not want peace. Their actions say it all. I used to believe they did want peace. However, all Arab countries say public ally that they want peace, but Israel violates international law and U.N. resolutions every day. Israel practices ethnic cleansing, something no other country in the world does today. I am glad the above idiot admitted he/she compares themselves to the criminals who committed the atrocities in Hama because I also see them to be the same.

Martijn said...

About the picture, what do you think of the story at On the Face?

Ihsan said...


The story you referred to is touchy!

But tell me something, do u see Nasrallah's dead body in the other photo? or is it a DEAD little innocent Lebanese girl?

Let me put u in the right prespective.

1- Hezbollah killed and kidnaped Israeli SOLDIERS

2- Israel reaction was a massive military operation that targeted and bombed civilins and infrustructure.

3- War escalated and people are dying on the two sides of the borders.

4- Until now, around 15 to 20 Israeli civilians and 30 Israeli soldiers have been killed by Hezbollah. More than 350 Lebanese civilians have been killed of which more than 150 children, and very few Hezbollah fighters were killed (less than 20).

Do u still think that above justifies the killing of the innocense of children on both sides of the borders?

todd said...

actually, didn't the arabs kick jews out of every inch of palestine in 1948/49?

didn't the arabs promise violence against an international force that the jews requested in 1948?

ethnic cleansing and genocide was and is and will be practiced by both sides.

but I will agree, you should leave the kids out of it.

Peter said...

Why don't you all stop with making propaganda and start building peace?

Israël does terrible things and Palestinion organisations do terrible things. I. might be worse, because they have more power, are better organised and kill 10? times more civilians then P., and I. doesn't get the picture that it's actions are only nurturing more "terrorist acts" then establishing power & therefor peace. Omg will they ever learn...

But... we are not living in history, we are living now. Both "sides" in a conflict should stop hostilities, and start getting solutions to the problems. Don't tell what some regime did 20 years ago, and say an other person is therefor guilty to nowadays conflict... focus on what u can do now to stop the conflict.

But.. don't generalise. The girl on the photo hates the man/regime who sends boms on her head, that's what the message is about. So don't say she equals the I-regime and wants all Lebanese children dead: it destroys your own credibility. Especially when you answer on "the accusation of 1982" you say "im not my regime..." That's the same...

Please make love instead of war. Why don't you make some addition to your rants-posts, and make solutions-posts on the matters...

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ,israel you lost against HESBOLLAH,all you did is killing civiliens ,you basterd,fuck you "jews".

Tarek said...

This is a proof that even the children in Israel are taught to be terrorists.

israel lover said...

all terorist in the world are arabs i didnt see one jew or cristian it is a fact.
not all arabs are terorist but all terorist are arabs.
i belive that israel as the right to defend her self from all her neghbors which dond want to do peace only to destrow that country.
tell me it is not true.

Anonymous said...

there is good an bad on both sides. but many speaks as if hizbollah or israeli gov represents the whole people... they dont! but what i hate about this is that the israeli gov condemn those who doesnt like what they r doing, saying that no one has the right to question israel. so whenever i do so, people call me anti-semitic. and whenever i agree with palestines cause i am a terrorist. so i have found this discussion is endless and NEITHER side deserves that land. they should both get out.

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Anonymous said...

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