Sunday, July 16, 2006

Today, We Are All Lebanese

Lebanon has been sentenced to death. On Wednesday 12 July, she was put in prison, and now she's being tortured.

Israel's war is with Lebanon's civilians, not Hizbollah. Nearly every person killed has been a civilian. Power stations, bridges and petrol stations have been targeted. Israel has warned residents to get out of certain villages, but bombed roads to make it difficult - and refugee convoys have been picked out for deadly air raids.

Getting out of the country is impossible now too. The airport has been destroyed, the sea ports are blockaded, and the border posts and highways have been razed to the ground.
Lebanon is held hostage to the angry Israeli war machine. And now more than ever, Syrians bloggers, just like every Syrian stand by her.
Another generation of Lebanese will know nothing but war. We can't let this happen, Again.

The above has been supported by the group of Syrian bloggers at Syria Planet. Please feel free to re-post this statement.

The following is my own words on this issue:
Thousands of Lebanese have been in detention in Israeli prisons for years. Nobody in the world seemed to care. Yet, when two Israelis soldiers were seized by Hezbollah, almost everybody in the new world as well as the Arab world started to cry out for the legitimate right of Israelis to destroy Lebanon and slaughter Lebanese!

More than one hundred civilians in Lebanon have been killed and hundreds of casualties! Israel is targeting the infrastructure of Lebanon causing severe damage to the Lebanese economic! Still, nobody seems to care!

I'm not surprised when the US, Canada, Germany, Russia, UK and many other "civilized" western countries cared for nothing but for the two captured Israeli soldiers, while a whole nation, hundreds of children and innocents are been killed everyday! But what has really got into me was the response of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait! They all took the same stand condemning the capture of the Israeli soldiers and calling to blame Hezbollah for its wrong doing!

I curse the Arabic language that I speak, which made me have something in common with the Bedouin Arabs! I'm Syrian and will never be an Arab!

I may not agree with the timing of Hezbollah's action, not the action itself. But clearly, I give my full support – if it means anything- to All the Lebanese and to Hezbollah in their fight with the Israeli Nazis!

Syria is watching, doing nothing and will do nothing no matter what! The Golan Height is the most stable front in the region! Why to bother? If Lebanon has always been the battlefield for the Arab-Israeli conflict! Got anything against Israel? Bring it on to Lebanon!

Now Lebanon is destroyed, Hezbollah will face not only Israeli and the US, but Arabs and Lebanese! The end of these days' escalation will mean the end of the only efficient and respectable resistance against Israel in the world!

The Lebanese have been proud of their resistance. I feel jealous, as Syrian, for not having the same resistance in the Golan Height front! Shame that politicians, Lebanese and Arabs mostly have decided to work on terminating such a glorious resistance!

God save and help Lebanon and may victory and pride be on their side, of course, that does not include the puppets and fagits of March 14th!


Yazan said...

Everybody seems like they want an open war... Our Information Minister looked so jubilant about whats happening in lebanon..

great, open war, let it be, open the freakin golan front and let's do this once and for all... I think eeryone should feel at least bored ya3ni for seeing lebanon destroyed again and again.

Israel and syria are like playing ball, on lebanon. its sick.

i donno what to feel anymore.

Omar said...

I'm ashamed of Canada's stand on this. We're working here on organizing demonstrations, to get our voices heard.

Daily Dog said...

It's easy. Nobody does anything because Israel is the US' pet. Touch them, speak against them and you face the wrath of Bush and we've all seen what he does when he gets angry.

My sincere hope is that those countries who openly said Israel was out of line, will stick to their believes and do something about it.
Russia and China are important players in world politics and I think they are finally getting tired of the US calling all the shots. They probably don't particularly care the ME, but it might be their excuse to finally stand up against Bush and his crowd and restore some kind of balance.

If one or two countries keep raising their voices, others might follow.

Anonymous said...

listen I'm Lebanese and i know every thing you wrote even before i read it i personally have a strong felling against what is happening in Lebanon but just to fix your story about the Lebanese firing at Haifa those where not the Lebanese firing its just those hisboulla freaks the no hearted shit that would do anything that fuck tells them for money