Monday, October 30, 2006

Until further notice....

I have never been a fan of the Syrian regime in my whole live, I grew up to lose my faith and trust in it. There is no need to list my reasons as they are the same as anyone's who loves his/her homeland, Syria.

When the Americans started their invasion, or claimed liberation, of Iraq, I was one of those who were happy for the Iraqis because they were about to get rid of the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and start a new era. I didn't feel that because I trusted the Americans, but because I believed, then, that the Americans would have to leave eventually, and they will. Only then, Iraqis, all of them hand in hand, will have their free Iraq all for them to start building it up and stepping with it to a bright 21st century. I always argued for this and always said: "Give Iraq five to ten years and you will see"
I thought and for a while that Iraq could be a prototype of what Syria can have one day. I had hope of a new beginning for Syria following the new beginning of Iraq.

Years have passed ever since, and with every piece of news about Iraq, I lose hope. With every Iraqi woman who escapes her home in Iraq and flees to Syria to save her life and falls in the trap of the oldest profession in the world, prostitution, I lose my hope. With every Iraqis death count that has increased to be one out of 40 Iraqis since the American "Liberation" in 2003, I lose faith.
The problem is not only with the American troops nor has been only with Saddam Hussein. The problem is with the people of all sects as well. They all contribute to the destruction of Iraq that we see today.

Now, I understand. There is no hope for Iraq; and since it was our prototype, there is no hope for Syria. We are stuck in between the American murderous army and our corrupt regime. There is no third option. The people of Syria were supposed to be the only option left in the equation, but the people of Iraq proved me wrong. Oppressed people cannot rule. They need time to heal and to accept each other.

The regional recent events have strengthened the position of our regime. Yet, they, as well, exposed the true meanings of the American words of "Liberation" and "democracy" and made us feel disgusted when we hear them. Unfortunately, with the inability of people to rule and accept changes, we are left with these two options to choose between: Our regime or the American democracy.

I have made my decision and chose the Syrian regime. I'd rather see my people oppressed than dead. I'd rather see the tears of Syrian mothers over hungry children, than over dead children. I'd rather have my rights violated, than myself raped.

Yes to our regime. I here provide my full support to the regime that I'd never supported before, the regime that I've never trusted and never will.

I'm here selling my soul to the devil, until further notice.


Yazan said...

Ihsan, we lose our souls when we enter a bi-choice equation, there's nothing in life that is Black or White, and I will never accept to be put in a choice between the Regime or The Americans, or The Regime or The Muslim Brotherhood, thats not rational nor true.

I agree the people are backward, those people can not rule themselves, but EVERYTHING Starts at one point, The regime is just makig things worse, is just a pill thats making everything deteriorate while we close our eyes and hide away.

Look at the sun, we're a sectarian under-educated, oppressed population. with a failing economy, and a lost identity.

and the more u give to George Bush's "Either with us or against us..." the more things will go the wrong way...
there's always a third way, a fourth way, theres always a millionth way..

ANY fragile step of effort u put in either direction will eventually have a huge effect on the result... thats physics.

One thing else,
I dont think that ur message is gonna reach anyone, cuz u already know that they blocked "blogspot", probably thats why theres only 10 new posts on the whole syrian blogsphere in a week... ;)

Amr Faham said...

Congratulations guys!
I could access my blog finally without a mediator.
Ihsan, that’s a powerful post, man..
I never supported the American invasion to Iraq, it was and stills an occupation. Put in mind that not all democratic changes in the world happened with violence or though external interfere.
I don’t believe in a “revolutional” solution where you have to destroy to rebuild; in most of times "revolution" brought disasters to its people; China, Russia, Iraq and Syria.

Ihsan said...

@Yazan, I don't see any third way nor a forth. I haven't seen a second way until few years and today it's proved to be worse than our first way.

Call me pessimistic. But I don't see it getting better. Maybe it will in the far future that neither of us will see.

It's been 29 years of my life...and there has never been any way out. Today, I feel it's an official no-way-out!

I hope I'm wrong...but you know what? The fact that blogs in Syria are blocked, confirm my doubts, doesn't it?

@Amr: Throughout the history, major changes were carried out through a revolution. It's out of our dictionary as Syrians. Our dictionary that has one word ever since we were kids "YES, forever"
نعم للابد

I wish/ed things can be changed in a smooth way, our country become as great as it should be smooth way. But for years that was not an option and now since we excluded the hard way(american de_mock_racy) and saw that we cannot trust ourselves/people to rule (Iraq example). We are back to where we start...YES, for ever!

It looks that's as good as it gets...
العوض بسلامتكون شباب

Anonymous said...

Tell you the truth my birthplace country man, for me I will never choose slavery over freedom. Slavery for the regime or for the American, it does not matter, to accept to sell your freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of opinion then you are just a zombie. Change is coming; do not sacrifice your freedom with the hope in the future. We have seen Romania changed, Russia changed, China changed, and everywhere there is change and only handful of countries are resisting change and putting obstacles for change. In some countries like china, authorities at least gave people freedom of economy (to produce, to import, to allow their people to acknowledge “the imperialist” and work with them) to reach out to big Satan America, and they discover that there is no such thing as big Satan, it only the government are claiming that to keep in power. Please do not give up hope; every word we write is a nail in the coffin of stand still minds. We waited too long, and there are a lot of tools now to make our job easer. The nice is that at least you are saying your mind, but please do not give up.

dave from the us said...

First off, I hope you know your blog is read all over the globe.

I have been many places in the world and before each visit, I had some preconceived idea of what the country and its people would be like...I was always wrong. In every country I found people were very much the same; had the same hopes, fears, and felt the zeitgiest (spirit of the times)...

In America, many of us feel we are stuck in a binary equation between republican and democrat parties: who are both 98% wrong about everything, appeal to peoples worst fears, lie and manipulate to forward their cause...and were stuck deciding between the lesser of two evils. We feel powerless to have any impact on a downward spiral that has taken a country that used to stand for hope and freedom; now being driven by fear. We are not blind to the innocent people that are killed in the hundreds everyday in the east, and we are sickened by our inability to help.

We all know that we are "mis-led" by all governments and "mis-informed" by the news whether it is CNN or Al jazeera, and in the mean time people are dying - whether it is some kid from Ohio who wants to help people or some kid from Kirkuk who would love to taste dark chocolate one more time.

My point is that while I don't have any answers, and perhaps I havent described it well here, we have the same hopes and fears, and feel the same powerlessness against tides that either way you look, appear to be consuming us.

Do not lose hope - THAT is the the real enemy, not political powers, religions or principalites.

In every country I have been to, when I sat down with people, over a coffee, etc., as we talked, hope always emerged. Everywhere...We always came to the same conclusion:

I am not naive to think there will ever be "world peace" but people always agree stability is certainly not out of reach, and a darn worthy cause. There are more people who want peace than war. It will take time, and the work of younger generations connecting and seeing through the differences...

We always seem to finish with the same thought: Maybe not in my lifetime, but wouldn't be nice if our children could play together...

...Only my humble opinion.

Fares said...

Ihsan, your post is very well written and I don't know why the authorities are not happy about it since it translates the attitude of 90% of the people.

Your visitors had made an excellent discussion which means you are making an impact. You have a great style of writing and you left a good impression on me as I read you for the first time.

Salamat and keep up the good work

Gregor said...

Only a short comment:

You dont' believe in third (or forth) way? Your posts are the third way!


annie said...

Ihsan, I discover your blog to day and I am speechless !
You would expect someone from abroad writing this kind of powerfull stuff.
Let me catch my breath...