Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Syrian citizen….

Many of the Syrian bloggers have been showing support to the Egyptian blooger (Kareem) who got sentenced for "blogging" and saying what the Egyptian Authorities deemed inappropriate….

I started wondering if the Syrian bloggers have a safer haven! Syria is one of very few countries in the world that denies the access to blogspot in an attempt to prevent Syrians to read what bloggers may have to say! So what would happen if we have a Syrian version of Kareem? Will he/she get a better chance? I have no faith!

A friend called me few days ago and asked me to be more careful about blogging and he was referring to one of my recent posts (Until further notice). He told me that he heard some disapproval about it from some of his high-level Syrian acquaintances! He said that things are now more sensitive in Syria about these sorts of postings…. I had to re-read what I posted because for a second I thought I may have been bashing God!

I was startled to see that we have the same attitude we had for tens of years in regard to freedom of expression. A suit and a tie and broken English is all what has changed…but on the inside, we are the very same people, or let's say, they are the same people.

Our Syria is going through hard times. Our nation is being targeted. We have more important issues to deal with for now…and many other phrases and terms that we have grown fed up with…..yet..they seem to stay still…they seem to be stuck in the back of our heads…the moment someone starts to speak, they surface and they deem control of our senses, or, their senses… they wipe the smile off their faces, they take off the suit and the tie and turn into the very same security agents "mokhabarat" that scared the hell out of us for years. ……..Shush…silence…don't speak… don't breath… just be happy for allowing you to live… it's none of your business that someone is stealing your country…you are too small to talk…you are a helpless citizen…you worth nothing for us… just keep it shut…and smile… or at least…erase that smirk off your face and go home….be happy that you have a home to go back to…if you insist on talking…your home will miss you for years and years to come…maybe forever…as you have bashed God and our God doesn't like your smirk…you think you are smart? You are not…you are a hopeless citizen…don't try to bark…just close your eyes and swallow your pride…wait….pride? how dare you to have a pride when talking to us…you are one of the commons...we can erase you in a second…just shut the fuck up and go mind your own business…worry about paying your bills, feeding your family…and enjoy the luxury of electricity and internet…but don't ever dare to write what you are not allowed to speak…we do have people reading after you…if you ever think that writing is your own way of speaking up…our God will be pissed…He will hunt you down…Do you think that we cannot get you? Do you think that if you live far away…we won't get you? You fool citizen…we have your life….we have your home… we have you, always have and always will….just close your mouth, your eyes and your mind…and don't worry about your soul, it's dead, you are Syrian, remember? Now go and eat the bits of bread we have given you….and don't forget to smile…it's compulsory…otherwise, we might think you are not satisfied with our offerings….just go, citizen!

Yes, sir!


yaman said...

You have a good point... I am planning to reproduce it on my blog when I have the time to write a slightly modified letter (I do not agree with everything the one in circulation says, and I think some important things that should have been mentioned, were not.)

no one said...

(أصدرت رئاسة مجلس الوزراء صباح اليوم (27 /2/ 2007 ) قرارا أعفت بموجبه كل من الدكتور هيثم شدياق مديرعام مؤسسة الاتصالات والمهندس بكر بكر معاون المدير العام للشؤون الفنية والدكتور اباء عويشق مدير تبادل المعطيات والانترنيت من مناصبهم\


أهناك أمل بإعادة النظر فيما حُجب سابقا؟؟

Fares said...

Bravo! very interesting and so true...I admire your courage and Syria needs many people like you to start a change that is really needed, we are stuck in backwardness and fear...

Yazan said...


Abu Kareem said...


Thank you for your honesty and your courage.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ihsan,
Sorry to leave this message as a comment, but I am keen to try and get in touch with you. I am a British journalist. Could you email me at so I have your email address and then I can explain more!
Best wishes,
Richard Colebourn

اسفرجل said...

Syria's News at

Anonymous said...

Have you stopped blogging where are you?

annie said...

Ihsan, be careful. You write from inside Syria. You are very brave but inside jail you will be silenced.
I never read you while in Syria because you are on blogspot and I did not know of you anyway.
This was an extremely moving peace. I have only dealt superficially with Syrians since I shied away from political debate not wanting to compromise them and eager to be allowed to stay. I have been kicked out anyway, so, although I still do not want to interfere in Syrian affairs I would like to translate you into French so as to enlarge your audience. You can leave me a message in a comment at

Ihsan said...

Annie, thanks for your words.

I wrote most of my posts when I was in Syria. But I'm in Canada now pursuing my higher-education.

I don't know about translating what I write. I have no streamline that I follow. I just write what I'm provoked to write. Sometimes, my writing could be ok..and many times, I just write bla bla bla. Anyway, feel free to translate whatever you want...and thanks

I came back few days ago.