Saturday, December 03, 2005

How to look at it, if you want to love it.

No fancy buildings, no fancy lightings, no fancy streets, just some random buildings and few cars, a bit of street lights here and there of which some may be broken.

Yet, this is my favorite city in the world, Damascus. I cannot have enough of this view, the view from my building. Soon enough, my eyes will be missing it, not my heart however.

Damascus has this magic, that whenever you feel down and depressed, feel lonely and blue. It can always make you feel better just by looking at it. It gives hope and pride. I look there; I don’t just see a city that is trying to be modern with no success. I simply see a city that is old enough to have known all the civilizations that ever existed on this planet. A city with history full of defeats and victories; a city that has survived all.

You just have to know where to look from, and where to look at, but most, you have to know how to look!


Ghalia said...

While the sky of Damascus looks burning in this photo, u also seems burning with its love... u really have touched something deep and was hidden...Good luck Ihsan.

Prerona said...

Hi! I found your blog while looking for pictures from syria online. i am an indian, currently based in uk. i was born in aleppo, in 75, my dad was posted there. i remember it as one of the most poignantly beautiful places. we stayed there a while - mostly aleppo, damascus, tartous. but i havent been back since 89 when my father moved to dibba - in Fujairah, UAE. Nice reading about Syria in your blog and seeing the lovely pictures :)

Omar said...

you know what they say about Nero, the roman Emperor who was defeated by the army of the barairans in the 4th century BC.
when he saw that the end is inevitable. he set Rome on Fire. For him, Rome shouldn't exist if he didn't.. and story goes that the sky was burning red for months.. like this picture you took.

but now, Nero is just a bedtime story.. and Rome is still standing.

.. and so will Damascus

Oscar said...

Hello, my name is Oscar. I was looking for Syria info, and I found you. My grandfather was born there. I will visit my ancestors land someday. Beatiful photo of Damasco.
Happy New Year from Argentina.

Oscar El?as

Mirzade said...

i love this post
u know i am half egyptian half syrian... i live in cairo but i really wish ilived in syria
damascus is my favorite city tooo
wenever i am depressed down or watever ... i take a plan and go to syria .. last time was in latkia and i love it too...

thankx again for your comment on "Ant kalema ma3naha ana"