Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fortune & Misfortune!


What is in common between fortune and misfortune?


Hope? Can’t be, some hope for fancy toys, and some hope for a decent bite of food.



Dreams? Can’t be, some dream of weekend picnics and some dream of a warm shelter.


Fear? Can’t be, some fear a lousy birthday party and some fear a cold winter.


Then what is it?

It’s the laughter on their faces, the laughter that overcomes all of their fears, hunger and poverty, the laughter that can bring hope to the hearts of the elderly, the laughter that challenge the severe circumstances the life has given them, the laughter that dares the unfair world.

Oh cruel world, you can take our dreams and hopes away, but you can never take our laughter.

It is immune as it is the torch that lightens our way and the only mean of warmth we have in our cold nights.

You can take the joy of being a child, but you can never take our laughter.

It’s our path to overcome you; it is our strength to be, to exist and to fulfill. It is our way to survive and maybe become fortunate some day.


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no one said...

u should make a comparisone between the way kids in kuwait are treated n school and the way kids in syria are treated!!

Sharks said...

Laughter!...where would we be without it?!...some mental hospital I guess :)...
Good one Ihsan!

Yazan said...

absolutly brilliant!! brilliant post

*don't u HATE these comments.. "Brilliant Post"!! hehe.. I do, but had to say it!*

Ayman said...

Great, Ihsan.

* Don't hate me too!

Cute NK2 said...

I'm so touched by this..it is indeed laughter . the pictures spoke so clearly..great one.

Anonymous said...

Nice post! I have lived and worked in the Arab community and as an American, I have learned to love and admire them. I like your blog because you expresses for the most part the things that all people of good will wish for, peace, prosperity, and dignity. I like yourself wondered why all in the world can not have heat, food, clothing, and shelter. If wishing could make it so. I have travelled all over Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. One thing I know to be true. Where ever the hand of communist have touched, little guys suffers greatly. Live for peace, and love your life. Salam